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10 weeks.  Really?  You're lying to me, inbox.  It hasn't been- 

Well shit. 

I guess it has been 10 weeks.  Summer was crazy.  Kids are back in school though.  Time to put myself back together. 

Catching up on threads over the next couple of days.  If back tagging isn't your thing, no worries.  Thank you for all the awesome stories this past spring. 


Jun. 10th, 2017 03:37 pm
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Traveling in a sardine can is only marginally more comfortable than being taken apart and reassembled.  One distinct advantage is the incredible view.  The shuttlecraft's approach is on hold so the pilot is treating the passengers to a low orbit tour.  Out the window the Pacific Ocean reflects the sun in a sparkling expanse.  The west coast of North America is coming into view.  Despite the disobedient butterflies in the pit of his stomach, Leonard is transfixed.
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Their remaining days at the cabin were coming to an end.  The snow, which had piled high around the exterior of the cabin, was beginning to melt beneath the intensity of the sun.  It was the light leaking in through the curtained bedroom window that eventually woke him.  He'd become accustom to waking gradually during their stay so it took him many minutes to realize despite the early hour, he was alone in bed. 


May. 27th, 2017 03:58 pm
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Neither one of them has spent much time discussing the future.  Her future.  Their future.  Leonard does know her options are essentially limitless.  Her training places her in an excellent position to fill any number of security positions, either on board ship or elsewhere.  The time for one decision in particular will be here before she knows it.  Does she wish to remain on the Enterprise?  Or will her future lead her away? 
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I'm getting a better handle on the balance between work and the sleep levels needed in my life right now.  Should be back to at least every other day.  If I owe you a tag and have somehow missed it, drop me a line.  Also, I'm happy to start up new threads.  Thanks!
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Okay so maybe this is a no brainer.  Who doesn't like a novelization of one of their favorite movies?  I also have the novelizations for The Voyage Home and The Undiscovered Country sitting on my shelves.  I've read that it's terribly difficult to write a novelization because in most instances the author doesn't actually have a final draft of the movie to work with when they start the writing process.  I don't know if that was the case here or not.  Vonda McIntyre's book was published in July of 1982.  The movie debuted in June of the same year. 

Scripts of all the movies are available online nowadays but I enjoy revisiting scenes in a narrative format rather than in a script format.  The novelization gives you more of a good thing, including dialog that was either never shot, never scripted, or ended up on the cutting room floor.  Lastly, the novel includes more Saavik.  Although she wasn't central to the story, she was a character I greatly enjoyed (played by either actress) and wanted to get to know better. 

Reread:  Countless times.

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Mar. 27th, 2017 12:07 pm
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I've had a few people ask me over the past couple of months if I have a Plurk account.  Figured I should probably get my old self up to speed with the times and finally give it a try.  If you're at all interested, I can be found under the username k_nic.  The userpic should be a dead giveaway.  As always, you can still reach me on DW PM.  Thanks!
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1.  Trips to radiology with your eyes closed are hell's special roller coaster ride.

2.  There are two types of people who work the ER:  funny/caring/gentle and those who see you as a set of symptoms.

3.  When the nurse asked you "So you're telling me after all that pain medication, there's been no change?", it shouldn't take you 24 hours to realize they never got around to actually giving it to you.

4.  "Dumber than a box of rocks" is a legitimate answer to "how are you feeling?" 
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As far as dreams went, it really couldn't get any better.  No alarm.  Comfortable sheets.  A quietness that enveloped the room.  A separateness from the world and all its responsibilities.  An arm flung over his torso and the perfect fit of a beautiful woman snuggled up behind him.  He felt a toe play lazily with the length of his achilles tendon and fingers splay flat across his chest.  

Then he realized he wasn't actually dreaming at all.  He opened his eyes to the familiar surroundings of his quarters, laying uncharacteristically on his side.  Marie's breathing had formed a warm spot between his shoulder blades.  A contented sound escaped him as he reached to cover her hand with his own. 
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I mentioned I had a hard time envisioning Urban as a hitman.  My other half laughed at me and sat me down to watch RED.  Yeah, we may have watched it more than once.  And then the sequel.  Which was lacking in Karl but still fantastic.

"Yeah, I got this.   Grandpa." 
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The conversation with Jim that followed his discussion with Spock proved to be far less aggravating than he expected. They agreed to resolve the matter off the record once he was feeling better. But the time spent up and about, even if it was to his office to sit at his desk, hadn't done him any good. Just as he and Jim were finishing up, M'Benga had popped his head in to lay down the law. He'd spent an extra day in Sickbay because of it.

Sleeping in his own bed was a vast improvement. Being a patient in his own work space was too much like lounging on the job. In his own quarters, he could chew on his chaotic thoughts and recuperate in private.

When he wasn't silently cursing his own uncooperative body, he was thinking about Spock and the all too short encounter they'd had in his office. Truth be told, he'd spent a lot of time thinking about her lately. He owed her an apology for losing his temper, if nothing else.
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"Sarek" by A.C. Crispin holds a unique place in my collection.  I've only read it once.  Alongside its peers with broken spines, pages falling out, and damaged covers, it stands out.  I bought it new and sat down to read it cover to cover.  I've meant to reread it but just haven't gotten back to it.  I don't honestly remember much about the plot.  Set sometime after the last TOS movie, it mainly involves the Romulans.  What struck me about "Sarek" was the beautiful thread woven through it that tells the history of Sarek and Amanda.  She passes away in this book and although the novel carries her husband's name, large chunks of the book consist of her journal entries and thus, her voice is dominant.  Sarek reads her entries and as an audience, we're treated to his flashbacks.  The relationship between Spock and Sarek is also touched upon but I don't remember it being particularly pretty.   A must read for any fan of Spock's parents. 
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"Spock's World" by Diane Duane is a must read for any TOS fan.   The hardback cover art portrays Spock in a TMP uniform with Vulcan in the background.  The story itself is most assuredly set post TMP based on the dialogue and ease of familiarity that has returned to the big three.  Vulcan stands on the eve of a great debate.  Remain or depart from the Federation?  Tension builds as each character takes their turn debating for or against, as the reader bears witness to Vulcan of old, as a sinister plot is uncovered.  

It's really a very cerebral story with many aspects I adore.  Sarek, Amanda, T'Pau, and T'Pring all return.  Bones plays a pivotal roll in both investigating and arguing.  What it means to be a Vulcan it explored.  The fact that not all Vulcans are unified in their thinking is highlighted.  Rich descriptions of the Vulcan home world and its history are beautifully intertwined into the story.  

And of course it gave us one of my favorite all time Bones quotes:

"Dammit... when did I last turn down an argument with a Vulcan?  I can hardly pass up one with the whole planet."
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Fireworks woke him at five a.m. New Year's Day. 

Who the hell sets off fireworks first thing in the morning?  It was the first conscious thought that crossed his mind as he sat up straighter in the bedside chair.  Rolling his shoulders brought to life all the aches and pains he expected to feel after a long night of nodding off while upright.  He briefly massaged his forehead then rubbed at his burning eyes.  In the bed before him, the subject of his nocturnal vigil slept on undisturbed.  The tips of her ears were still bright with fever but the expression on her face was peaceful.

He considered closing his eyes again and going back to sleep.  Until another round of firecrackers exploded outside.  "Morons," he muttered, shaking his head.  He rose, stretched, and went downstairs in search of coffee.

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Her readings were in the toilet, the lowest he'd ever seen them.   His professional mind told him this was normal and to be expected when it came to a Vulcan healing trance.  Another less rational part of his brain sent his heart racing every time he glanced at the display above her bed or at her unnaturally still features.  It made for an uneasy wait.   The wound in her side was nearly healed though so he knew the remainder of that wait would be short.   It was a small consolation as his worry kept him company.

M'Benga and Chapel had both tried to relieve him to no avail.  He forced himself to keep busy but stayed close by, checking regularly.


Jan. 1st, 2017 09:14 pm
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A very merry Christmas to those of you celebrating and a happy New Year!   A big thank you to those of you I've rp'd with the last few months.  You've brought light to a darker than normal year.  May your 2017 rock like a rockin' thing.  :)
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"The Kobayashi Maru" by Julia Ecklar, not to be confused with the ENT novel with a similar title, is really a simple little story. 

Kirk, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and Bones are facing a no-win scenario.  They're stuck in space on a fried shuttle with no way to get home and no way to communicate.  So what do you do when you have time to kill?  Tell stories of course!  Each in turn (minus Bones) takes a round to share their Kobayashi Maru experience.  Their collective experiences end up being the key to solving their current no-win scenario. 

Formulaic?  Yeah, probably.  But that doesn't necessarily detract from the story.  You know as a reader they're not going to die but the author does a wonderful job of creating and sustaining tension.  The dialog is very much in character as are too the mannerisms.  (I find some novels get one or the other but not both.)  You get a glimpse of Kirk's anxiety over possibly facing a real no-win scenario and the uncertainty that comes with command.  The individual backstories are also fun and varied in tone. 

How many time have I reread it?  Too many times to count. 

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